Magazine Gap

How did you guys join to Magazine Gap?

Magazine Gap responded on 01/21/2013

Cookie is a veteran session player and music producer who I was introduced to when looking for someone to produce my debut album, "No Coincidence" (available on iTunes etc...!!). An amazing musician and producer, he did such an incredible job and we became very close friends. I played piano on that album, but when we started performing the songs live we decided to add a keyboardist to the line-up. Alex was a classically trained but highly versatile pianist who was making a name for himself on the jazz scene in London; Cookie had previously met him on a session they did together and kept his details for a future project - he thought he'd be perfect for us. How right he was! Alex made such a significant contribution to the sound that it became apparent very quickly that we were morphing into a band with a distinct sound (as opposed to that of a singer/songwriter with a backing group). We therefore created Magazine Gap, and haven't looked back! James

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