Magazine Gap

who wrote Senorita I see you and what was the inspiration behind it? x

Magazine Gap responded on 01/21/2013

Hi Louise, thanks for your question. I wrote the song. Lyrically, I wanted to create a story of a man losing himself in a photograph of a young woman in a village somewhere in South America - the man might be standing in a photo gallery or just flicking through a National Geographic, but finds the still photo captivating. The more he stares at it, the more he begins to wonder about her story to the point where he ends up communicating with her directly in Spanish (took AGES to write those 4 lines!!). If it were a movie, the characters from the photograph would come to life, jump out of the picture and begin to dance. Musically it has a Latin feel, folky to start, but getting more intense as the song & story progresses. Hope that makes sense and doesn't take away what you felt about it! Cheers, James x

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