Magazine Gap

oh boy, I'd like to know the "Two minds" text, I'm not English and I would love to know the content.

Magazine Gap responded on 01/29/2017

The song is about mixed feelings about a love lost. Essentially the girl left the storyteller because of the music being a higher priority, and yet if all the dreams came true with music it would be a hollow victory because the girl won't be there as well. Hope that helps. Thanks for asking.

Here are the lyrics:

Start as you mean to go on, I’d always thought
And put in some distance from the fights you fought
I liked our rhythm till you spoiled the rhyme
With everything in its place, with everything in its time

I have no reason to doubt, to stop or go without
I know it takes all kinds, but it leaves me now
In two minds
In two minds

I can plough a lone furrow, but it’s not the same
I’m a runaway scout by any other name
I may be waving from some podium, I may be crowned with a laurel wreath
But these leaves of gold will feel brittle beneath


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