Magazine Gap

Hey Guys, Boy have i missed you all. Yep i am definitely a true fan =] as of last November 2014 i have since moved house and have new email address. my old email address used to be now so happy to be back. Sadly i haven't logged in my YT Channel SK4869 or my Twitter smk4khan. Hoping soon to return and enjoy all your great music and videos. Every time i listen to your Music i just can't help but smile and Slip Stream will always live inside my heart. Thank You So Much for bringing great music and for making me realize just how precious Life really is. Hope you are all well and Happy. You guys are so beautiful and i feel truly blessed to be a Fan. Thank You

God Bless


Magazine Gap responded on 05/15/2015

Thank you so much Sonia - your words mean a lot of all of us. Hope you are well and going to enjoy a great summer. Do email us - - to ensure we have your latest details. Best wishes!

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