Magazine Gap

Hi! So I just got your youtube message and decided to watch one of your vids (I picked Silver Lining) and I have to say you guys are a really talented band with a sound that just..fits together, if you know what I mean. Anyways, my question is what mics did you use in your recording of the video? Cause I noticed you had the bass,drums,and piano in the same room and I think at the same time, however in the final mix every instrument sounded like they had there own proper place in the frequency spectrum and that each stem didn't have any "bleed in" effect of the other instruments in it.

Magazine Gap responded on 05/31/2013

Hi Mason, thanks for your detailed question. You are right, everything is recorded without any bleed. We always record with the drum and bass playing together in the same room, but the bass amp is in a separate sound booth so both instruments are kept distinct. At the same time, we lay down a guide vocal (or what they call a "scratch" vocal in the US), so the rhythm section can really give a performance. At the same time, for the same reason, I'll either play some guitar or Alex will play some keyboards. If Alex is in the same room, the electronic keyboard has no sound (but clearly is coming through on the headphones). Alex records on a grand piano later, as I do for acoustic or electric guitar, and finally when the track has built up some weight I re-do my vocals. On some tracks, we add percussion, brass, strings, BVs etc. after that. Always separate. Then the intense mixing process begins! The video is cut together with no audio and the final version laid over the top.

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