Magazine Gap

In what ways did touring help your group grow?

Magazine Gap responded on 03/03/2013

Great question, thank you!

Touring has been a critical element to our growth - if we were just a London-based band that did gigs in London, we wouldn't have bonded on such a personal and musical level as we did travelling the world. When you share such a rich experience - with a lot of special moments and laughter, as well as inevitable frustrations and drama - you become closer as people. That friendship also translates into closer knit musicality.

On top of that is the connection with our audience. When you first start out touring, you simply don't know how the music will be received, or where. The outcome for us has been very important. Our first show as Magazine Gap was in Los Angeles on 26 August 2009 - the reaction we got was overwhelming and not something we'll ever forget. From then on, playing to wonderful people and being welcomed across the US, the UK and the Far East, not to forget at Montreux, has showed us that there are good music lovers everywhere!


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